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Bytesized Studios

Unleash your inner bookworm!

About Us

Christopher Reilley

Head Poet/Geek in Charge

In a tiny pixelated world situated on the edge of a silicon chip, there is a bustling digital metropolis known as Byte-Sized Studios. This city is a bustling hub for minute, animated characters who live and work within the confines of their electronic environment, where the architecture is composed of resistors, capacitors, and circuitry, and the skies are gridded with data streams.

We love Poetry, Books, Ideas, Tall Tales, Quotes, Scripts, Movies, Television, and Theater - we love the ideas they spark within us. The stories we will never forget. Being involved with these media formats over the years, we have come to learn that these ideas are universal, but not always readily available, or shareable. 

The Bytesized Studios were joined to make ideas and concepts into concrete materials to bring into your home, to enhance your life.


The Bytesized Studios are a collection of creators from all over the map, but our headquarters are located in central Massachusetts, in the heart of the Commonwealth, home of the WooSox, and of course, food's holy trinity - Table Talk pies, Polar soda, and Coney Island hot dogs, - Worcester, Massachusetts!

However, your products are fabricated, packaged, and shipped from our fulfillment facilities spread across the U.S.


PO BOX 30794, Worcester, MA 01603